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    Join us at the HOPE HOUSE!

    Want to find a way to live out your faith? Are you passionate about social justice? Would you like to serve an under-served community in Chicago? Join us at the Hope House! The Hope House is an intentional community that serves Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood in conjunction with the Port Ministries. Community members pay modest rent to live at the Hope House and provide 20 volunteer hours per month to one of the Port Ministries’ programs.

    Molly, for example, is a full time ER nurse at a local hospital. She serves the Port by coordinating volunteers for the Port’s Free Clinic. Kevin is a youth worker at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. He serves the Back of the Yards through his open gym basketball outreach at the Port. Shanu, an MD, is working on starting up the Peoples School at the Port where neighbors can teach their skills to the community, and together, the community can find creative ways to thrive rather than simply survive.

    Our structure is set up so that residents can have full time jobs of their own and live together with the common goal of service and prayer. Alongside the 20 volunteer hours per month, Hope House residents make a commitment to prayer twice a week, Franciscan mass once a week, and weekly community meetings. We are looking for future Hope House community members who are dedicated to living simply, serving the Back of the Yards, and deepening their faith.

    UPDATED: Applications to move in to the Hope House April 1st, 2016 are due January 22nd, 2016. For more info and to request an application, please email us: hope@theportministries.org

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